Watt by Beckett

Episode 9
‘So Watt saw little of Mr. Knott. For Mr. Knott was seldom on the ground floor, unless it was to eat a meal, in the dining room, or to pass through it, on his way to and from the garden. And Watt was seldom on the first floor, unless it was when he came down to begin his day, in the morning, and then again at evening, when he went up to begin his night.’
‘This fugitive penetration took place shortly after Watt’s arrival. On his answering the door, as his habit was, when there was a knock on the door, he found standing before it, or so he realised later, arm in arm, an old man and a middle-aged man. The latter said: We are the Galls, father and son, and we are come, what is more, all the way from town, to choon the piano.’

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