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Watt by Beckett

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Episode 13 ‘Passing on then to the solution that seemed to have prevailed, Watt found it roughly this, that a suitable local dog-owner, that is to say a needy man with a famished dog, should be sought out, and on him settled a handsom annuity of fifty pounds payable monthly, in consideration of his calling at Mr. Knott’s house every evening between eight and ten, accompanied by his dog in a famished condition, and on those days on which there was food for his dog, of his standing over his dog, with a stick, before witnesses, until the dog had eaten all the food until not an atom remained, and of his then taking himself and his dog off the premises without delay;…’

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Watt by Beckett

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Watt episode 12 ‘Watt’s instructions were to give what Mr Knott left of this dish, on the days that he did not eat it all, to the dog. Now there was no dog in the house, that is to say, no house-dog, to which this food could be given, on the days that Mr. Knott did not require it.’ 

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